The core project activities include the development of new biomaterials and rapid manufacturing technologies that will allow innovative customised implants to be delivered to surgeons within a 48 hour time frame.

In order to reach this goal, Custom-IMD will create a next generation e-supply chain for an efficient and time-saving integration of operations and participants. This telematic tool will cover the implementation of the entire implant cycle: management of confidential patient data, material supply, implant design and manufacture, sterilization, regulatory approval and final delivery.

Three fully customisable implants will be obtained as a result of the Project: a craniofacial bone plate, a lumbar spinal disc prosthesis and a dental restoration. The developments and results of the project will be applied to other medical devices.

The Custom-IMD project, co-financed by the Sixth Framework Programme for R&D of the EU, will increase patient quality of life, as well as benefiting the European Community as a whole, permitting a 20% reduction in Healthcare costs.